Nick + Nina

Let me tell you about one of the most exciting, fun sessions I've had in my now seven years of photography! But first, let me go back to year one. I was a young mom, and had yet to find my passion (other than motherhood) and my parents hired Nina & Cecilia Creative Spark (whoooo, yes I know ya'll remember that name :)) to take our extended family photos. After our session, something sparked in me and I started to think photography could be an interesting career. I immediately emailed them after our session and booked a mentor session with the talented twin sisters. They truly were my starting point in this business. They taught me so much of what I know, and still use today in my now full fledged business. They became my friends and I've loved chatting, staying in touch, and even having a few play dates over the years! I guess what I'm saying is, Nina and her sister Cecilia will always be dear to me. I honestly think they pushed me and help me find my love for photography that led to this amazing career. Thankful for you both! I love watching all the big things they're doing today, definition of mom boss babes. Flash forward to last month, Nick, Nina's **amazing husband calls me up. Asks me if I want to help him surprise Nina and plan a photo shoot of just the TWO OF THEM. First thought, is this real? How are you so sweet? I mean, they have four small children and we all know how life gets when kids enter the mix. He wanted a special shoot just for the two of them and enlisted me to help plan, style, and surprise her. He then tells me the show stopper if you will. I need to shop and get every single lined up for this session so Nina has no worries, and no clue about any of it. He was so organized, sent me all the sizes, info, photos and brands of some of her clothes AND shoes from her closet. Told me to style and pick everything. Four or Five outfits he said ** again, is this real life? How amazing is this guy!? She's one lucky lady. I had so much fun, too much fun with this session, and planning it with Nick was so enjoyable and he was truly the best to work with! Now to the surprise part! I arrived at their *gorgeous home before they were back from church. Had all the clothes set out waiting for her to walk in. The surprise was a success, I'll never forget yesterday and I'm so blessed to be a part of such a gift! I hope Nick and Nina treasure these photos forever. It's clear how perfect you are together. Thank you for letting me capture it. Here's your little sneak peek guys! xo see you soon!

TOO MUCH FUN WITH THESE TWO! don't mind them adorable and dressed up and me in my carhart hat, story of my life :) We literally could not have asked for a better November day for an outdoor shoot! Here's our selfie from the Rose Garden and allll the clothes laid out on their counter. surprise surprise. ya know you succeeded when there is tears!

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