z. family summer

I am officially done with this winter. It has been the hardest one I can remember for a LONG time. Maybe it was the fact it didn't arrive on time, maybe the fact I've been stuck over ten times on gravel roads and most of the time, in my own driveway or MAYBE it's that I've been literally stranded for days on end not being able to leave. who knows , but i am over it. I am just going to plan all the spring and summer goodness that is coming our way! I thought no better way than throwing it back to the most girly, floral, sweet, sunny, session with the Zivney crew. I have so many ideas for styling my sessions this year, adding some new amazing accessories and location ideas... cough cough I'm building a big ol bed for outdoors <3 Hope you enjoy this cuteness and Don't forget, my calendar is open through August and Already filling! Please book in advance to secure availability!

thank you so much! I'd love to chat, shoot me a email .. until we can chat at our session :)

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